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So mundane and incomplete

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Brittany Cromwell
Hey I'm Brittany. I'm 19 and live in Modesto, CA.

hey heres some shit i like:

T.V. and shit
☆True Blood
☆Attack of the Show
☆Doctor Who
☆The O.C.
☆Viva La Bam
☆My Lovely Samsoon


☆SLC Punk!
☆Becoming Jane
☆American Psycho
☆The Machinist
☆Home Movie
☆American History X
☆Moon Child
☆The Duchess
☆Requiem for a Dream
☆How to Be
☆Little Ashes
☆Can't Hardly Wait
☆Undercover Brother
☆August Rush
☆Night at the Roxbury
☆Velvet Goldmine
☆Ugly Truth
☆Party Monster
☆Fight Club
☆House on Haunted Hill
☆Fulltime Killer
☆Ichi the Killer
☆Green Street Hooligan
☆Wristcutters: A love story
☆Into the Wild
☆Lord of the Rings
☆Harry Potter
☆Pulp Fiction
☆Good Son
☆Radio Flyer
☆Repo! The Genetic Opera
☆Shaun of the Dead
☆Scanner Darkly

☆Dir en grey
☆Kings of Leon
☆Emilie Autumn
☆Darkest Hour
☆Blink 182
☆Less Than Jake
☆Bring me the Horizon
☆Bic Runga
☆Smashing Pumpkins
☆Bob Marley
☆Broken Social Scene
☆Blue October
☆Kill Hannah
☆Bloodhound Gang
☆Escape the Fate
☆White Stripes
☆Iron & Wine
☆Cherry Poppin' Daddies
☆Tokio HOtel
☆The Sounds
☆Bob Dylan
☆The Smiths
☆Benny Bennassi
☆Sigor Ros

Social capital

  • less than 10